Gerhard Seizer, thinking it through and making it happen, crafting vision, building strategy and leading implementation

Crafting vision, building strategy and leading implementation.

what I do

Gerhard Seizer, thinking it through and making it happen, strategy


Challenging the status quo leads to identifying and analyzing insights, the base for any strategy activation. Real impact starts here, from portfolio extension to new market positioning.

Gerhard Seizer, thinking it through and making it happen, innovation, design thinking, ideation process, capabilities


Connecting the dots in a 360º design thinking and ideation process leads to new capabilities and business insights. These discoveries directly translate into revolutionary product and service offerings that ultimately disrupt the market.

Gerhard Seizer, thinking it through and making it happen, creation, Creative Direction, thought leadership, POV, storytelling


Creative Direction is all about proactive thought leadership: Building a POV that storytelling communicates as the vision. Leading with a multidisciplinary brand strategy and identity implementation results in human-centered physical and digital experiences.

Gerhard Seizer, thinking it through and making it happen, entrepreneur, managing ambiguity, white space, activate change


Comfortably managing ambiguity in the white space is the means to galvanize and activate change. Persistent focus on priorities and results successfully drives any change process, from start-up foundation to corporate M&As.

Gerhard Seizer, thinking it through and making it happen, collaboration, relationship networks, diversified knowledge


Strong relationship networks, diversified knowledge and authentic global market insights create the foundation needed to ask tough questions. Paired with executive leadership talent, these skills guide any collaboration, from creative sparring partners to strategic business alliance.

Gerhard Seizer, thinking it through and making it happen, multigenerational influence, intercultural, Cultural Intelligence


Multigenerational influence can only be reached through effective intercultural relationships and team and community building. Required tools include mentoring, guiding and authentic credibility across organizations – in short, 'Cultural Intelligence’.

why it matters

staying relevant

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You might be the best at what you do today, but changing markets and fast changing consumer/client needs quickly render successful businesses irrelevant. There are countless examples of yesterday's market leaders losing relevancy in today’s market. To dominate tomorrow’s market, you need to constantly reinvent yourself over and over again. Understanding future needs allows for backcasting and building successful strategies today to remain relevant tomorrow.

bending the rules

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In order to lead your market segment, you need to win in a fierce field of competition. It is tough to be and stay the best at your game but understanding the rules will allow you to bend or brake those rules and win against competitors. Human-centered insights lead to strategies that enable a unique selling proposition with an unbeatable positioning – one that’s outside of the game and far ahead of competitors.

disrupting the market

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For decades, most industry competitors have been battling on the same field for the same few inches, with only a few thinking outside the box to innovate next gen products or service evolutions. Leave the box and look at the big picture. Identify partnerships that enable building strategies to allow revolutionary innovation, eliminating consumers’ needs for current competitor offerings. Disrupt the market, open up a new field and own it.

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

who I've worked with

Audi, BASF, Boeing, Bosch, Clarks, Gillette, Lenovo, Mercedes, Oral-B, Panasonic, P&G, SanDisk, Sanyo, Unilever, vodafone

how I can help you build value

Gerhard Seizer, thinking it through and making it happen, employment, creative leader, credible activator, clear vision


Missing the right creative leader? Need a credible activator with clear vision, able to make things happen based on cultural intelligence? Get me on your team full time.

Gerhard Seizer, thinking it through and making it happen, consulting, craft vision, build strategy, lead implementation


Is this a critical time for your project or business? Book me for a specific period to craft the vision, build the strategy and start the implementation.

Gerhard Seizer, thinking it through and making it happen, partnering, strategic innovation, vision, strategy, implementation


About to start the next big thing and still missing the right partner for strategic innovation? Let’s talk about how we can propel things forward together.

what others say

“Of all the Creative Directors I have worked with in my 40-year design career, rarely have I met such a creative, inspirational, resourceful and self-motivated individual as Gerhard.”

Murray Camens
Adjunct Professor, Design
Monash University – Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
(Former VP, TEAGUE – Seattle, USA   |   Former VP Philips Design – Eindhoven/HongKong/Singapore)

Monica Wick
Founder & CEO
Red Cabin – Berlin, GERMANY

“Pairing thought leadership with diversified knowledge and experience, Gerhard initiates meaningful conversations, bringing people together – forming new partnerships and sparking cross industry collaborations.”

“Gerhard thrives in relationship building and his positive attitude paired with flexibility allows him to build bridges and collaborative partnerships resulting in moving broader initiatives forward.”

Philipp Steiner
Executive Design Director
IDEO – Detroit, USA

Diane Chiang
Design Professional
Independent – Seattle, USA

“Gerhard guides teams with great clarity on his vision, yet openly receives feedback and adjusts course depending on what's best for the project or the team. He plays the strengths of his team while cultivating a culture of creativity and honesty. I have been fortunate and inspired to work under his leadership.”

“Much like the archetypical explorer, Gerhard masters the combination of strategic wit, cross-cultural open mindedness and creative ingenuity – safely landing on any terrain, thriving and succeeding.”

Lars Torkuhl
Managing Director
Alantum – Munich, GERMANY

Carmen Smyk
Marketing Manager
Lufthansa – Seoul, KOREA

“Without any doubt, Gerhard's incomparable skills of Eastern and Western creative development is a priceless asset to any global corporate company he is working with.”

what I say

“When people talk about DESIGN, they mean INTERACTION.

When they say INTERACTION, they think EXPERIENCE.

With EXPERIENCE, they refer to EMOTION.

With EMOTION, they talk about BRAND.

With BRAND, they want STRATEGY.

And STRATEGY overwhelms with COMPLEXITY.

So, actually, they are in search of SIMPLICITY, CLARIFICATION and CONTROL.”

Gerhard Seizer
Creative Change Agent
Seattle, USA